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Providing customized research-based content solutions that enhance the learner interaction and facilitate memorable learning outcomes.

Services That We Provide

Content Curation

Establish a qualified and targeted learning catalog that connects to your strategic priorities. We provide access to best-in-class articles, courses, books, podcasts and videos from a global network of trusted content providers.

Gamification, Incentive and Reward Design

Innovate beyond badge and point systems with custom gamification strategies that match your brand voice and culture. We design experiences that sustain excitement over time with alternating game mechanics, feedback loops, incentives and rewards. Align behaviors with recognition to establish new learning habits.

Instructional Design and Evaluation

Create a content strategy for online course design and the development of instructional materials including presentations, participant guides, handouts, job aids and other associated resources. Evaluate training effectiveness, business impact and behavior change.

Learning Interaction Design

Design convenient interactive touch points for your learning audience that help them to do what they want as easily and quickly as possible. We orchestrate interactive experiences that help you to create meaningful relationships between learners and content. Implement a goal-driven design with a strong purpose for an intuitive user interface that gives your learners a sense of command and control.

Measurement and Data Visualization

Enhance your data collection and visualization to better understand learning and its impact. We help you to identify learning activities that are already happening in your organization but are not tracked or measured. Connect your disassociated learning technologies and data together to provide a single source of truth.

Multi-Sensory Learning Design

Create memorable learning experiences through a multi-sensory design strategy. We design sensory stimulation for interactions within a learning environment which enables learners to comprehend experiences through their five senses. Introduce thoughtful creativity to your content by designing for all of the senses and enrich the overall learning experience for your audience.

Program, Curriculum, and Course Architecture Design

Organize and sequence learning content using storytelling techniques to creatively introduce, develop and explore topics connected to your core learning objectives. We design learning structures as components that build toward greater complexity enabling your learners to integrate each new idea, topic or theme with the preceding ones fostering a continuous on-demand and just-in-time learning process.

UX/UI Design

Thoughtfully design customized learning solutions that will make a strategic impact. Better understand your audience to deliver learning that they will love through research, mockups and interactive prototypes that facilitate beautiful learning experiences and functional interfaces.

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  • Benchmarking
  • Competency Assessment
  • Competency Modeling
  • Learning Operations Simplification
  • Learning Org Structure Design
  • Strategic Planning

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  • Content Curation
  • Gamification, Incentive and Reward Design
  • Instructional Design and Evaluation
  • Learning Interaction Design
  • Measurement and Data Visualization
  • Multi-Sensory Learning Design
  • Program, Curriculum and Course Architecture Design
  • UX/UI Design

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  • Learning Technology Architecture and Migration
  • Learning Platform Implementation
  • Supplier Management and Selection
  • Extended Reality (XR: AR, VR, MR)

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